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The crucial thing is to purchase a high quality set of bearings that are developed for high-speed riding. Ceramic bearings may be quiet and smooth, however they may not have actually the resilience needed for downhill. Steel bearings are more resilient in general. And don't get obsessed with ABEC rankings.

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3 Ways to Stop on a Longboard - wikiHow3 Ways to Stop on a Longboard - wikiHow

The very same applies for trucks and wheels. There are definitely trucks that you ought to prevent in downhill riding. Skateboarding trucks are exceptional for what they do, however they're not steady enough for downhill. slowing down the longboard and difficult skateboarding wheels are also inappropriate for high-speed riding. Adhere to devices (like reverse-kingpin trucks and tall, sharp-lipped wheels) that is designed to manage the remarkable speeds that downhill riders accomplish.

Part 2: Remaining safe Having the best longboard setup is critical, but we should all accept that riding a longboard will require falling. There's a stating in skateboarding: If you're not falling, you're not discovering. The same applies to downhill longboarding. Accepting the inevitability of falls doesn't mean resigning yourself to getting hurt, though.

Wear a helmet Head injuries can be ravaging at quite much any speed. As hard as your skull might be, it is not harder than concrete. The faster you are going when you hit the pavement, the more difficult it will be to prevent striking your head and the more damage you can do to it.

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You will never see a knowledgeable downhill longboarder riding without a skid cover. Importantly, choose your helmet sensibly. Current studies show that helmets using multi-directional impact protections systems (MIPS) supply the very best defense. Prevent "skateboarding" helmets, which are designed for duplicated, low-speed impacts but supply little defense at higher speeds.

It can get costly, however just how much is your life worth to you? Try To Find CPSC (U.S.) and EN 1078 (Europe) accreditations. If you are still not exactly sure whether you need a helmet, have a look at the video below. Remember that speeds when going downhill are even greater so the impact might be even bigger.